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A Season of Favor

My Season Chicken and Ribs was birthed through a job loss. While being terminated from my previous job, I made a firm commitment that my next career would entail something that I firmly believe in. That firm belief was in MYSELF. You see, I believe Gods word that says that I am the head and not the tail, I am above only and not beneath, I come behind in no good thing and EVERYTHING I put my hands to SHALL prosper. Barbecue just happened to be the thing that I chose. My two sons have been involved in sports all of their life, and, being the involved parent that I am, I was occasionally chosen to cook the food for their event. At one such event, one parent came to me and stated, " Alvin, your barbecue is the best I have ever had, you should really consider starting your own business. The rest is history.

Our name was birthed through a song by gospel recording artist William Murphy entitled "It Working". In this song he states " This is my season for grace, for favor. This is my season to reap what I have down. It also states " everything is working together for my good" . Those words stuck with me and continue to start my day on a regular basis. I believe their is a "law" concerning sowing and reaping that if I sow good seed into good ground good crops will come up. I have sown good seed into other peoples live that I know are good ground, therefore the harvest is mandatory because its a "law". I used to enforce the law as a Police Officer, now I am required to obey this law of sowing and reaping. THIS IS MY SEASON!!!

MEAT the Team

"We are a community based business and we believe in the people.  This by no means stifles our growth, but it just means as we grow, you go with us.  My Season Chicken and Ribs has flavor all throughout our company; from the people we meet, to the sauce we create.  We love what we do... I dare you to try!"  

- Alvin

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